Je Suis Paris

I didn’t blog last night. It was a very conscious decision. What could I possibly have said that wouldn’t trivialise the horrific scenes witnessed in Paris on Friday night? Whatever I wrote about would have been simply a side-show, incomparable in importance, to the effect those attacks had on people lives. To not write is to show your respect that whatever I had experienced that day would be but trivial to those in Paris.

As I write this 132 humans have lost their lives. 132 is simply a number that doesn’t encapsulate the true suffering of the thousands of friends, family and loved ones this leaves in the depths of suffering and grief. To remember those who have died in these attacks is to remember the lives of those who had dreams, lovers and a life to live.

We are all humans. We live together, grow together and inevitable suffer and die together. There are maybe few out there who place their own agenda above that of the whole society but in truth we all united by the common understanding of good. Nowhere can this be more significant at this time than in Paris where the people of the¬†Le Tricolor, a flag that symbolises liberty, equality and brotherhood, where at a time in need they come together to grieve, support and stand defiant. Paris and France do not stand alone though. Signs of unity, solidarity and support for those Parisians has come from across the globe with countires lighting up their national monuments in the ‘Tricolor’ flag. After all Je Suis Paris. Je Suis Humaine.

‘An eye for an eye will only leave the whole world blind’ – Mahatma Ghandi

There is really nothing more for me to say. No words can communicate the events of the past 48 hours.

Je Suis Paris.

Je Suis Humaine.



That Working Life

Well today went smashingly if I do say so myself. I mean apart from the horrendous weather this morning (I mean I know I joked about it being blinking judgement day but I didn’t expect to wake up and face what looked like the bloody rapture!). I guess the whole situation was made even worse by the fact I’ve left my umbrella at Sixth Form for at least 6 weeks now – I’m really hoping it’s still there…I’m not quite sure who would want to steal a Sports Direct Umbrella….

Thankfully today beckons the beginning of the weekend. I mean yes for me that does mean 2 days at work, I really don’t do days off, but if I’m honest being at work is a damn sight more enjoyable than Sixth Form. Nowadays there’s 2 different ways that I get praise; either by a grade on a piece of work or a handshake from a customer. The latter is always a whole lot more fulfilling. To know you’ve made that little bit of a difference to someone else is rather nice and kind of what keeps you going when you’re confronted with someone who is less than happy with you…Yeah that happens…

Talking to my friends and girlfriend at Sixth Form, most of who have jobs, we all have that little groan when we realise we have work – and yet I think we all enjoy what we do. Especially for myself, I like the fact that I work in an Opticians because it looks pretty damn good on a CV for someone my age. There’s not many teenagers who know the random optics stuff I know (although I know barely anything if I’m completely honest).

That there is something I can’t stand. When someone walks around pretending they know everything about something. Unless it’s the story of your life you don’t know everything – There is always something you can learn – Always something someone else will know that you don’t…

When I think about why I work I do wonder if it’s just for the money. I mean if we’re honest that is a huge motivator for everyone and if you say you don’t do if for some monetary gain then why don’t you just volunteer instead? However, there are larger motivators. Having that independence at work, that feeling that you’re in your element – that you’re doing your own thing not being told what to do by a teacher – It’s just a different kind of feeling. I love doing something that helps someone, that just makes life easier for them – I guess I’m sad and soppy like that! I’m also blessed with having some great colleagues, that’s another major benefit – I get to mix with some awesome people!

When you’re at school you mix with a very select number of people, whilst when you work you get to meet so many different people (when you’re working with the public then some of them you wish you didn’t meet!!). It’s the ones that walk in just as you’re trying to close that are the most annoying…Anyone who works in retail will agree!!

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Are You Ready For JUDGEment Day?

Now please don’t be worried by the cover photo – honestly I haven’t turned into some preaching mad man, read on and all will be revealed….

Tomorrow is a day I really don’t look forward to. I mean yes it’s Friday and that always gives a reason to celebrate however, tomorrow is also own clothes day. Now this day is entangled in all kinds of high mean-girlsschool judging. It’s basically Mean Girls all over….There is no better way to put it. It’s the one day of a year that you are made to leave the safety of uniform and express yourself through the very clothes you wear. It’s the one day the eccentric mix with the bizarre in what can only be described as death on a catwalk, that day when you will have that one group of people rating others outfits like they’re some prepubescent Gok Wan.

Now I’m hoping that being in sixth form we’ve shaken off the shackles of social acceptance. I mean I remember in the first few weeks of the term we all tried out best to look as good as possible, but then A-levels really set it. Nowadays we tend to just roll out of bed, throw something on and shuffle our way into school in our sleep deprived and dream crushed state – We don’t have any time for that beauty life. I do remember though in main school where you would basically be rated upon whatever you wore and within the class there were a few different set styles people, that every year without fail someone would try to pull off;

  • The matching tracksuita classic look usually topped off with a Nike man bag which just screamed ‘I’m a tool!’
  • The Jeans and T-shirt lookthe look of a man who didn’t want to be noticed – and didn’t give a damn about haters
  • The it’s winter but I don’t care look – a look that some girls would pull off with minimal clothes required
  • The ‘alternative’ look That one guy who wore leather long coats with green hair….hmmmn

I realise here I sound so judging – but I really don’t mean to. Everyone has the right to wear whatever they like and show their personality. In fact I think that to do anything else would be to give yourself a disservice. I mean whatever you wear Niall is going to look at you with a severely judging look (although I promise this isn’t him actually judging…it’s just his natural face…) The best bit about own clothes day though is having a girlfriend because then you don’t have to make any decisions. I now have Georgia to pick out exactly what I’m to wear so I don’t embarrass her…Would I ever embarrass her? ūüėČ

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Flash Backs To Year 12

I’m a year behind. That’s the negative way we could look at my rather precarious position. Along with a handful of year should be year 14’s who either needed to or elected to (throwing that in before a certain Mr Rai points out it was his choice) I am going for second time lucky. Thing is I don’t count myself as being a year behind. Yes it does kinda suck to see all my friends (I did actually once have friends) leaving on university adventures and having a good few months off beforehand.But hey…Deal with it….

You have to have the right mind to survive Year 12 V2. For the start there is that slight pressure that you actually do need to ‘put a shift in‘ this time round and come out with the grades you need. It turns out there is second chances…But most certainly not third chances…

You also have to be able to bite your tongue slightly because you know you can really do no right. If you fail an exam you get laughed at because “You’ve done it last year – you should know it!” Yet if you ace one it really doesn’t matter because “You’ve done it all before last year!” We are most definitely in a lose-lose situation.

Coming towards exam season though it’s a shame that I can see those who are mirroring exactly how I was 12 months ago…I had given up by January and was pretty content with my fate to resit the year. In all honesty it hasn’t been the worst thing in the world. I gained my best friend from King Edwards back in a gigantic summer transfer move (He thinks he should be rated at least ¬£30 Million…I’d probably only pay ¬£12 Million…) I also met my girlfriend of¬†12 months and am now finally looking like making it to uni…For now…

I wouldn’t recommend it though.

Yes it’s nice to have that little safety net. That bit of protection. But in my case it’s set me back not one year…but four. I really wanted to study medicine. That was the aim. Now I have to study another course and then perhaps do a post-graduate degree in medicine…That’s a whole long time. It’ll be worth it though.

So my advice to those who are struggling for motivation or perhaps think they can have a second chance. Yes. Yes you do have a second chance, but do everything you can to ensure that you can keep it safely tucked in your pocket for next year…I wish I had.


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Making Your Best Mistakes – A Long Term Goal

I always get nervous the night before playing sport. This I guess is confounded further when it’s a sport I’m not exactly very good at (I mean have you seen my muscles…or lack of…). Tomorrow the U18 rugby team come up against King Ed’s 5 Ways in what is sure to be a painful, cold and exhausting battle of which I’m not sure who’ll triumph. I always try and work out why I get nervous, you see the nerves go after the whistle blows and the game begins, it’s just the lead up to it. It’s not even that I’m going to get injured or anything, it’s simply letting people down. There’s nothing worse than missing that last tackle that lets the player slip past and score the try…But anyway that’s tomorrow, and now is now. Now onto what I wanted to talk about;

Question.Do you feel fulfilled?

Do you feel as if you’re living to your potential?

Steve jobs once said;

If today were the last day of your life, would you want to do what you’re about to do today?

In life we don’t have time to be ordinary. It’s a short a fickle thing so we may as well as make our best mistakes, you’ve sometimes got to take your shot no matter how scary or hard it is. To live a life where you feel fulfilled, where you feel you belong is something we all consciously desire.

Now I realised a short while back that this is a long term goal.

There is no way I can achieve the life I desire, full of adventure, travelling and intrigue if I don’t first put down the ground work for a basic life for myself. I say this simply due the pressures this year at Sixth Form brings. I guess somewhere along the way I lost what I was aiming at – I began to think ‘Why am I studying when I want to be our there experiencing life?’ The answer was simple – Because if you don’t study then you have no means to in the long term achieve your dreams.

This in no way means that my life is going to become one running mantra of ‘Work.Work.Work.’ It means that I recognise my short term responsibilities whilst focussing on my long term aspirations. For such a lazy person I literally have the worlds largest ego and most outrageous aspirations. So whilst I work towards my dreams I realised I needed to still enrich myself with my sport (even if I do crap myself before every game….not literally…), my blog and just my general interest in life.

I want to be able to say that if today was the last day of my life then I would be doing exactly what I wanted to be doing. I don’t want to, before the end, reflect on the could have beens, the should have beens and the might have beens. I want to be able to reflect on what I have done – not what I should have done.

Deep I know…

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All of me loves all of you

I don’t know if Georgia knows but she has an atrocious singing voice. Like honestly I cannot bear to hear it sometimes…I mean a rendition of Adele’s ‘Hello’ is enough for me to want to castrate my ears…Is that a thing?? But I guess I have to put up with it…At the moment she’s serenading me with Taylor Swifts ‘Love Story’…Please someone make it stop!

Now we’ve been together for almost 14 months now and whilst it hasn’t been without its share of bumpiness (mostly to do with her singing to be honest) I think we’ve learnt a lot about each other and ourselves in that time. For example she now knows not to involve me in anything to do with horses as for all I care they can stay in IKEA meatballs, and I know not to bother talking about football with her – totally not her thing.. But it’s not the multitude of differences that keep us together – it’s the stupid amount of similarities and the times we spend just being immature crazy young people. Thankfully through Georgia putting up with me I’ve learnt a lot about relationships..Or so I like to think..So here goes nothing….

You Need Those Arguments

When people clash it’s because they believe so completely in something that they’re willing to forego all other emotions until their point is proved. Georgia and I do that often. I guess we’re at that point where we’re both at ease with each other and know that even if we argue they’re not going to run off and end it all. Arguments are good because you get to see who the other person really is, getting to know what few others know about each other – what we love and what we hate. What makes us us.

Enjoy The Little Things

There’s so much pressure put on what people have these days – what they’ve spent on each other – the material things you have. I’m not a fan of those (oh and to keep the commentary going – Georgia’s now pulling silly faces and trying to play peek a’ boo) I mean I like to treat her to things and probably did go overboard on her birthday but it’s the small things that matter. It’s the times we spent at the German Market last year, the silly nonsense conversations we have and the random trips out..simply because we can. These mean more that anything we could buy each other…Unless she wants to buy me a car…I’d happily have a car…

Life Does It’s Own Thing

Life always has it’s own little plans and we are simply pawns to what it wants. we can have our own best laid plans but in the end what life throws at you can be so unexpected or so unavoidable that you have to make do until you have chance to find your ways back to each other. Next summer both Georgia and I (hopefully) will head off to University on our own little adventures. Whether we’re both at the same place remains to be seen – it’s just as likely we’ll be on opposite sides of the country. Now that’s going to be damn hard and something that we’re going to have to work hard at…But she’s worth it.

Thank you for reading this post – I realise it’s rather soppy and lovely..This has nothing to do with the gun Georgia’s holding to my head forcing me to write a post about her (I’m joking…) But honestly thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely night. As always show some love and drop an awesome like, follow me on twitter, and well…Stay awesome folks!

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Lest We Forget : Remembrance Sunday 2015

Remembrance Sunday is a time for just that. Remembrance.IMG_20141026_114123112_HDRA picture can tell a thousand stories and say more than a hundred words ever could. I remember standing opposite the Tower of London, surrounded by camera toting tourists (not much dissimilar to me), thinking about how this sea of red depicted on of the greatest tragedies of life.

For so many to have died so young in such foreign¬†soil away from those¬†who¬†they loved is one of life’s harshest punishments, and for the young men themselves, the biggest sacrifice for their country.

It’s difficult to stomach that world war one, which 100¬†years ago today would have been mid-flow, was supposed to be the war to end all wars. Another world war later and constant conflicts upon foreign soil have left me in no doubt we haven’t learnt from the lessons of the past. Surely when you see the hundreds of ceramic poppies, row upon row, a symbol for all those that gave their lives so we could live in freedom, it makes you realise the destruction war brings.

Todays celebrations around the country brought together all that is good about the United Kingdom, and all that is bad. Whilst in Blackpool, Veteran Rick Clements a double amputee walked his first steps as he laid a wreath at the cenotaph, the papers could only focus upon something some politician did wrong during the ceremony. On a day when we are remembering those who fell for us and gave their lives for us we are instead fed stories of politicians wrongdoing..

Well today is a day for stories of thankfulness, remembrance and a country united by the few who gave everything for the good of the many. Without them we wouldn’t be who we are today. Without them who knows what life may have been like. As with every year we honour their memories.

We will remember them.